Çerez Örnek

Ege University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics

The basis of scientific and technological research and development activities comprises of steps such as gathering data relevant to the features in discussion, the analysis of the data gathered or obtained via experimental methods or simulations, and the interpretation of the results of these analysis. In order to conduct these activities mathematical and statistical techniques are used extensively and exhaustively.

From the application of mathematics and statistics into different areas of research, new scientific fields have emerged. Fields such as Biometrics, Psychometrics, Technimetrics, etc. can be presented as examples of these new disciplines. A similar situation is in progress in Medical Sciences; and the use of term ‘Biostatistics’ has gained a wide acceptance.

Various academic departments have been established in the higher education institutions (primarily in the Faculties of Medicine) which provide training, research and development and public service in medical sciences, under the name of Biostatistics, and also under similar names covering Epidemiology or Informatics.

The history of computer-assisted service for statistical supervision in Ege University dates back to the 70s. Since this service was provided by the Computer Centre, and also the biostatistics track was conducted by the staff that had been trained in this field, the establishment of an academic unit on Biostatistics was delayed. Considering the recent developments in the scientific world, and the accumulated knowledge on computers in Ege University, the Biostatistics Department was established in 2005 under Faculty of Medicine, Basic Medical Sciences. The department had completed the required physical infrastructure and started to provide service in early 2006.                    

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